She eyed him, just out of his reach, a mischievous grin underneath the sweetest black rimmed glasses that you have ever seen.  He reached out and scooped her up, giggling and squirming. The kind of play that she will remember when she is 20.  They literally played this way through the entire session.  I don't think that I have smiled or laughed so much during a family session in a long time.  It definitely reminded me why I love photographing families so much.  These are literally the moments that they will love for years to come.  Don't we all wish life were still that simple. To play, to laugh and to love, easy peasy.  We complicate life with #allthethings.  We have to make decisions, plans and schedules. What if we could just dance in the rain, have a tickle fight just for fun and stomp through the woods with the most important people in our lives?  Wouldn't that be better?  So here is to playing more and planning less. 

Rock You,

Amanda Star