Using Snack Crate as a Geography curriculum - putting the cool back in school!

If you have been around me for any length of time, you will know that I don't like boring. I don't like doing the same thing all day, everyday.  That proved to be a challenge when we started homeschooling. You have to be very consistent in your studies, curriculum and schedule. At first, I tried being the strict to a schedule kind of girl - ya, that isn't me! After YEARS of schooling my children at home, I think I have found a nice balance between schedule & spontaneity.  One of the ways that I have found to keep school fun & fresh is to add in amazing resources for my kids. One of those is Snack Crate!  We love studying about other countries and even when they were all little we would sit down with our missionaries information cards and look up the countries they were in, so that we could better understand where they were serving and how we could serve them.  Then, we would tape them to a large map so we wouldn't forget them.  The kids walked by that map every day and I know it helped them to really appreciate the world, the people in it and the differences in culture. 

 This year we found a super fun way to eat our way through the different countries.  We purchased the 26.00 box and have it set to come once a month.  The kids open the box and that determines the area we study that month.  This month is the Philippines, which the kids are super excited about, some of our friends are from the Philippines. You can check out my FB page, Raising Chaos for an unboxing to get an idea of what is in the box. We open the box and investigate the contents, they get to try one thing and read through the insert.  We then move forward studying and learning.  They have to complete different tasks in order to eat more of the box.  This month we are trying out a questionnaire that I made up to help give us some better direction and consistency in learning.  We add in books from the library, watch videos online and reach out to any friends that we may have that speak the language of that country.  Enjoy the FREE printable below and feel free to take the time to have some fun with your kids today - they will change and grow before you know it! 

Don't have Snack Crate, but know you want it - You can grab your very own Snack Crate here - - 

I would love to hear how you enjoy yours - have fun!


Amanda Star


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