10 things that you should know about me

I am a list person, so let’s make this easy.   

#1 I speak sarcasm fluently & frequently

#2 I love glitter and red lipstick

#3 Having 5 children is everything to me, they are my chaos, my heart, my why.

#4 Flip flops are the bomb - also barefoot is great

#5 Photography is 1 of my many passions (there are several)

#6 My husband will tell you that he is an, “oil digger” as he is married to a PLATINUM with Young Living. Apparently, I am his gravy train! HA! #comingforyadiamond

#7 My love language is glitter - Marc is the glue to my glitter, he takes all my crazy ideas and makes them work or tells me no. It is always a bummer when he tells me no!

 #8 Traveling is totally awesome – recent discovery thanks to Young Living

#9 We were #thejoyof5 but we have successfully adopted and now we are joyfully the #thejoyof6 and she is perfectly amazing. 

#10 I love people, I love friends, I love hanging out and I LOVE my Jesus!!!!   

Our Family Vibe

The top 10 things we think totally ROCK

#1 Movie night, we can ROCK a family movie night 

#2 Random dance parties, necessity of life 

#3 Cooking, the family that cooks together…. Well, you get the idea 

#4 My husband loves dogs, we have3, I love my husband #idontlikedogs 

#5 We are a homeschooling family – #totalchaos 

#6 We live a strange half country, half city life 

#7 Adoption ROCKS, it is hard but man is it amazing 

#8 We love to travel, some of us – the rest of them have to – HA! 

#9 We live to play, our children are very care free & fun 

#10 Above all, numero uno, Christ is the center of everything we do